Our tonic water is named after Walter Gregor, a 19th century minister who served the historic parish of Pitsligo on the Aberdeenshire coast by order of Queen Victoria. As a renowned academic & plantsman, he was often found tending to the walled garden in his former manse in Peathill. We still use his garden to grow the botanicals for our Walter Gregor tonic waters. Founder Claire Rennie decided to make a beautifully flavoured tonic water as a testimony to Walter and his love for botanicals.


Walter Gregor’s former garden and manse (the house provided for him by the Church) were purchased by the Rennie family in the 1960’s. The formerly derelict walled garden is being renovated to grow more of the herbs and fruits we need for our range of tonic waters.

We put as much love and care into our ingredients as we do into the production of our tonics. After all, without a good input, the output will not be up to standard. Making our products ourselves allow us to not only ensure that everything going into the tonic water is natural, it also allows us to make sure we use only the best quality ingredients.

Due to our coastal location, where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea, Walter Gregor’s Original Tonic pairs particularly wonderfully with coastal and island gins. It is a truly hand-crafted product - the same people who grow the plants make the drinks, and it all takes place in the historic parish in Pitsligo where Walter Gregor himself practised his faith.


Walter Gregor’s is Scotland’s first tonic water. We have now expanded into a small but beautiful range of tonic waters, from our classic tonic to our light and refreshing mint and cucumber tonic. As seasons come and go and our garden provides us with different produce, we aim to introduce new products to our range. We seek to experiment far beyond the classic tonic in order to ensure we can enhance your classic G+T experience as well as cocktails and other spirits. All our tonics are made without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, so you don’t need a chemistry degree to read the labels. But they are made with lots of love and care to ensure a quality product.