Original - The Isle of Barra Serve

Original - The Isle of Barra Serve

The Isle of Barra Serve

The key to a perfect serve is a little patience, take your time, enjoy & relax;

Add a dash of ice to a low-ball glass.

Gently squeeze your pink or red grapefruit across the ice, just adding a few drops & no more.

Pour a large measure of your Isle of Barra Island Spirit into your glass (50ml)

Add a splash of Walter Gregor’s Original tonic water & slip your wedge of grapefruit in.

Give a generous stir with a spoon, making the bold flavours & salty notes burst out.

Finally, sit back & enjoy our award-winning Barra Atlantic gin as the carrageen rolls across the tongue like the mighty Atlantic surf breaking on the shores that surround the Isle of Barra.