Serves & Inspiration

Explore our suggested serves to inspire your perfect pours

Winter Spice Soda

Winter Spice Soda - Sloe Bramble Liqueur

Pumpkin Soda

Pumpkin Soda - Esker Gold Gin

Gin Bothy's Gunshot Gin

Apple & Cinnamon Tonic Water - Gin Bothy's Gunshot Gin

Peapod Tonic Water

Rosemary Tonic Water - Daffys Gin

Peapod Tonic Water

Peapod Tonic Water - NĂ dar Gin

Ginger Spiced Rum

Ginger Beer - Morvenna Spiced Rum

Barra Gin

Original - The Isle of Barra Serve

Gorse Gin

Gorse - Misty Isle Gin

Kokoro Gin

Mint & Cucumber - Kokoro Gin

Mint Lemon Soda Lussa Gin

Mint & Lemon Soda - Lussa Gin

Scottish Raspberry

Scottish Raspberry - Kintyre Gin

Scottish Neep - Ogilvy Vodka

Scottish Neep - Ogilvy Vodka

Spiced The Botanist

Spiced - The Botanist Gin

spiced teasmith

Spiced - Teasmith Gin with Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice

spiced copper dog

Spiced - Copper Dog Whisky with Cinammon Stick

apple and cinnamon

Apple & Cinnamon - Caorunn Gin with Dried Red Apple

apple and cinnamon

Apple & Cinnamon - Arbikies Vodka with Fresh Brambles and Fresh Apple

cucumber and mint

Cucumber & Mint - Hendricks Gin with Ribbons of Cucumber

scottish raspberry - rock rose gin

Scottish Raspberry - Rock Rose Gin with Fresh Raspberries