Mint is a key herb in a number of our drinks. Only freshly picked leaves give a truly natural flavour in our infusions. We grow the mint in pots, which are peppered all around our garden. This allows us to move the mint to get the best out of Scotland’s notoriously changeable weather. When the sun is shining we move our mint into a sunny spot. When there’s a frost we move it somewhere warmer and when it’s windy we give it some shelter. Mint hates wind in particular, which causes its leaves to turn black and halts its growth. Growing our mint in pots also helps us keep it under control. Mint will quickly take over a garden, and we need space for the other important ingredients in our range.

As our business grows, so does our mint! We frequently split our plants and repot them, creating healthy new plants with plenty of leaves to keep up with demand.

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