Winter Spice Soda - Sloe Bramble Liqueur

Winter Spice Soda - Sloe Bramble Liqueur

This serve pairs our Winter Spice Soda with with The Gin Bothy's HipFlask Sloe Bramble Liqueur.  HipFlask Spirits thrive on the quest for authentic flavours and the Sloe Bramble Liqueur brings the richness of autumn berries in a fruity liqueur.

Our limited edition Winter Spiced Soda has a subtle warmth of fragrant cinnamon and clove, complimented with refreshing orange and Scottish Raspberry juice, hand made with Scottish sparking water.

The Perfect Serve:

  • 100ml Walter Gregor’s Winter Spice Soda
  • 30ml Hipflask Spirits Slow Bramble Liqueur
  • Served over ice

Garnish with cinnamon stick and a chunky wedge of fresh orange